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5 Business Leaders Pushing the Envelope On Social Media in 2020

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Let’s face it — there’s a right way and a wrong way to use social media. In an age where we’re saturated with content every minute of the day, most of it will become background noise. But this doesn’t mean value isn’t out there — you just have to be pickier about whose content you choose to see. We’ve highlighted 5 business leaders we think are changing the social media game with their meaningful and insightful content.

Jon Sakoda

Entrepreneur, venture capitalist and currently a Founding Partner of Decibel, an early-stage venture capital firm.

Twitter Handle: @JonSakoda

Followers: 7600

In a social media world where you have all of two seconds to capture someone’s attention, we’re often under the impression that flashy visuals and clever one-liners are the way to go. Jon’s simple, text-based tweets prove that people are willing to hear your thoughts as long as you express them in a genuine and personal way. We love the conversational tone to his content — it’s like having insight into his daily observations and thoughts. Not an easy feat to accomplish through social media. We can’t forget about his retweets either! It’s one

thing to simply retweet, but another to add your voice to the conversation.


Vicki Saunders

Serial entrepreneur and Founder of SheEO, a global initiative that supports and celebrates female entrepreneurs and aims to radically transform the business landscape. #RadicalGeneriousity

Twitter Handle: @Vickis 

Followers: 8700

LinkedIn Profile: @Vicki Saunders

Followers: 21100

Can a social media feed fill you with positive energy? Well that’s what we feel when we scroll through Vicki’s feeds. Whether it’s on Twitter or LinkedIn, there’s a steady stream of content sharing behind-the-scenes posts of her team and support for SheEO entrepreneurs. Her passion for her cause is clear and this is definitely not a founder who’s disconnected from her community. Not only does she share simple yet poignant offerings of her opinion through tweets like this and this, she also shows a willingness to start the conversation.


Shahrzad Rafati

Founder and CEO of Broadband TV, a media-tech company that manages, distributes and monetizes content to a global audience.

Twitter handle: @ShahrzadRafati

Followers: 24.1K

Shahrzad Rafati puts the “social” in social media — not surprising since she’s the CEO of a media company. In an age where Twitter feuds and calling people out is the norm, it’s refreshing to see Shahrzad celebrating other people’s success. From eliminating one-use plastic straws to the historic all women spacewalk, she’s up to date on current events and sure to include her own opinion. She also makes a point of highlighting days of significance such as International Self Care Day and National Indigenous People’s Day — days that are often overlooked.


Allen Lau

CEO of Wattpad, an Internet community for readers and writers to publish stories in various genres and creates the ability to directly interact with each other.

Twitter Handle: @allenlau 

Followers: 9338

LinkedIn Profile: @Allen Lau

Followers: 5062

Allen Lau is another CEO whose passion for his company leaps off the screen. From congratulating new authors to sharing book covers, both his Twitter and LinkedIn keeps his followers updated on the latest Wattpad news. But his social isn’t just limited to Wattpad related content. He also uses it to promote causes that he believes in like the Covenant House Toronto, sharing behind-the-scenes photos that show his active participation. He shows his support for diversity and inclusivity, sharing his own experiences and making sure his company upholds the same standards. Plus he’s the biggest supporter of his wife and fellow entrepreneur @MrsEvaLau — you’ll find him constantly retweeting her tweets and sharing her events!


Michelle Phan

Makeup artist, entrepreneur and one of the original beauty YouTubers. Founded the makeup subscription company Ipsy and is currently the CEO of EM Cosmetics.

Twitter Handle: @MichellePhan

Followers: 900K

Instagram Handle: @MichellePhan

Followers: 2 million

Michelle Phan pioneered the beauty influencer industry and her social media following is by no means small. But she’s not just another beauty influencer — she’s also a business leader who is using social media right. Her feed is versatile and shows all facets of her personality, somehow creating a perfect balance of personal and business. Beauty tips, random cat photos and hot Cheetos are just a few of the relatable things she shares. But she also tweets about bitcoins, her opinions on leadership topics and of course, new launches from her cosmetics company.


We know social media can be an overwhelming space but it doesn't have to be that way. These are our picks for business leaders changing the game on social media but the list is certainly not limited to just 5. Who would you add?

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