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The CSuite Awards Are Back! Recognizing Business Leaders On Social Media

Are you a business leader using social media to inspire employees and customers? Do you work for a CEO who’s using their voice to lead and motivate online? Read on to find out how to enter the 2023 CSuite Awards and get recognized for your achievements.

The CSuite Awards are back and better than ever for 2023! The CSuites are the first competition of their kind to recognize leaders’ impact and achievements on social media and digital channels. And the awards are back with new categories, new all-star judges and new recognition for outstanding leaders!

Since launching in 2020, the CSuite Awards have highlighted countless amazing leaders doing exceptional things online to inspire and inform employees, customers, stakeholders and the public.

Past winners have included everyone from David Solomon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs (Best Leader on LinkedIn), and Michele Romanow, the President of Clearbanc (Best Leader on Instagram), to Dan Schulman, CEO of Paypal (Business Leader Taking a Stand), and Brian Scudamore, the founder of 1-800-GOTJUNK? (Best Leader on Facebook).

Winners are highlighted in national business and consumer media outlets, providing an opportunity to strengthen not just their own social followings but the causes they believe in. The awards are judged by a cross-section of experts from leading business media and top companies, as well as social media influencers in business and social responsibility.

Ready to showcase your leadership online and on social channels? Read on to learn more about digital leadership and how to enter the 2023 CSuite Awards.

Why digital leadership matters

Digital presence is no longer an option for leaders. In fact, since we launched the CSuites, expectations around digital leadership have only grown. Employees, investors, customers and stakeholders increasingly expect to hear from leadership on social media.

But navigating the complex and sometimes chaotic landscape of social media is no easy feat. That’s why we strive to recognize the business leaders who are doing it right and making a difference.

There's no shortage of inspiring examples of digital leaders today, including:

And the list goes on. The takeaway is clear: For leaders, having an online presence isn't just a useful tool anymore — it's a necessity.

How to enter the 2023 CSuite Awards

The 2023 CSuite Awards are dedicated to recognizing leaders like these — at companies both big and small — who go above and beyond on social media and digital channels to lead and inspire.

This year’s awards will honor leaders and influencers across multiple categories, from Best Leader on LinkedIn and Best Leader on TikTok to Future of Work Innovator and Best Leader Taking a Stand. Above all, the awards highlight the growing importance of having a voice as a leader in a business climate where staying on the sidelines is no longer an option.

The CSuite Awards are open to leaders at all companies, including non-profits and government agencies. Founders, managers and senior executives with active profiles and growing social followings are encouraged to apply. Agencies and corp comms teams are also welcome to apply on behalf of a leader or executive.

The CSuite Awards open for nominations in January 2023. Subscribe here to stay up to date on CSuite Awards news and to be alerted when nominations officially open. You’ll also be the first to know about discounted early-bird entry rates.

If you’re a business leader committed to leveraging your own voice to make a difference — or if you know one you'd like to nominate — visit to learn more.

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